Jamie Mitchell


Name:Jamie Mitchell
Sponsors:Quiksilver, Surftech, Reef, Kaenon Polarized, Future Fins, Watermans Applied Science, Quickblade Paddles.

How did you start your carrier?
I started paddling when i was about 5 years old in the Nippers movement back in Australia. Its like the younger version of Lifeguard races.

How many years do you stand up paddle and how come you started it?
I started in 2005 and i loved it the first time i tried it and so i kept on doing it.

You have won 10 times the molokai to oahu race. This is a very difficult race in open sea. Can you please describe your feelings when you finish first in such a race and as a matter of fact so many times.
I feel very honored to have won the race.It’s a very special race and i believe the most respected race in the world so I’m very very stoked to have been able to be apart of the race.

For which win are you mostly proud?
My 1st Molokai Race was the most special.

From now on are you planning to dedicate most of your time in stand up paddle races?
Yes this year i will be focusing more on the Stand up Races… Looking forward to the challenge.

In the batle of the paddle you’ ve lost the first place due to a bad moment. Is this a fact that disappointed you?
Yes i was disappointed. I thought that i could have won that race if i hadn’t of fallen.

What was your experience and thoughts after participating in the ISA world standup paddle championship?
I had a great experience in Peru with our Australian Team! It was fun and hard racing and was great to be at the 1 st ISA World Titles and support it!

Australia in both surf and racing has had an excellent presence in the competition winning most of the medals. Which, in your opinion, are the main reasons for this success?
We have great ocean athletes in Australia! Alot of kids grow up on or near the beach and learn to surf, swim and paddle at a young age so I’m sure that helps plus training hard!

Do you believe that ISA World Standup Paddle Championships will experience and increased interest as a competition in the next few years?
I am positive that u will see more countries compete and the best of the best from each Country from next year onwards !

This year the new race sups from surftech will be available in the market with your signature on. Would you like to share some initial thoughts for these boards?what is the difference between 12.6 and 14′? Which one is more appropriate for racing and which for downwind?
The 12’6 JM Latitude is basically designed for BOP style races. Is good in and out of the surf is really stable and has a good glide for the flat water. The 14ft JM Navigator is a all-round board that can be paddled in the flat and also downwind. It’s stable and is a great all-round board.

Favorite board?
8’11 Hand Shaped Surftech from Randy French.

What are the programs that you have in place in order to maximize your full potential as an athlete? Does nutrition play an important part of this program?
I train hard, recover right, try and eat right and have a healthy lifestyle. It all helps you get the best out of me. 

Apart from racing you are a lot into surfing . How do you see the future of sup surfing?
Sup surfing is progressing every year. The sky is the limit.

You like to surf big waves. Tell us about the feelings when you are out surfing huge waves.
When i surf bigger waves i am always apprehensive,nervous,and excited. You have to try and manage all those feelings and use them to your advantage.

You go around the world for races and surfing. Do you have a favorite place?
I love Hawaii.

What is your best moment on a sup?
When i was able to paddle very close to some Humpback Whales.

Do you know anything about Greece? Would you like to stand up paddle in our seas?
I have been to Greece once before and i would love to paddle around the Greek Islands. It’s a beautiful place.

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