Izzi Gomez takes victory at the inaugural Barbados Pro and clinches her 5th World Title ahead of the World Tour Finals


Bathsheba, Barbados, Sunday 17th November 2019: Finals Day dawned with great surf and no wind, providing the ideal conditions to wrap what has been an epic 3rd stop of the APP World Tour here in Barbados.

Coming into this Final Day, the World Title scenarios had been laid out and 4 Times World Champion Izzi Gomez knew what she had to do in order to secure her record 5th World Title here in Barbados, prior to the Finals in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: she had to win.

The other variables she couldn’t control, but on her side, winning the event was the goal, and as she progressed through the rounds, her surfing was doing the talking, posting solid scores all the way through to the Finals, despite major challenges from the likes of current World Champion Iballa Moreno from the Canary Islands.

It all came down to the second semi final, as Izzi had played her part to advance through to the Finals, and if Shakira advance through to the Finals she would have to win. In the end, Vania Torres’ strong semi final performance was enough to overpower Shakira Westdorp leaving Izzi to secure her 5th World Title sitting nervously on the beach!

WIth the World Title already secured, Izzi headed out for the Final completely relaxed, going on to post the highest heat score total of the event, with a 9.5 and and an 8.6 to win the Barbados Pro in epic fashion.

2019 has been a dominant season for the 19 year old, now five time World Champion, with a second place at Sunset and back to back wins in New York and Barbados as we lead into the World Championship Tour Final in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from the 10th – 19th December. With so much ahead of her and so much accomlished already, it is dizzying to think what the future holds for this young talent.

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Vania Torres finishes in an impressive 2nd place in the Barbados Pro, propelling her up the leaderboard in advance of the Finals

Vania Torres from Peru has been a rising star on the APP World Tour over the past few years, climbing up the ranks and making her presence felt as a real contender on the Tour. Here in Barbados, Vania looked comfortable and in rhythm, and her scores and presence in the final reflected this, as she finds her stride on the World Championship Tour.

Starting off slowly in Sunset, Vania then posted a semi final finish in New York, and while she wasnt able to overcome the newly crowned World Champion in the Finals, a 2nd place finish propels her to 4th overall in the World as we lead into the World Championship Tour Finals in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria next month, with it all to play for.

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Iballa Moreno rediscovers her 2018 form here in Barbados to finish in 3rd place, refueling her confidence leading into the Finals

After a disappointing couple of events to kick off the year, the 2018 World Champion Iballa Moreno seemed to refind her form here in Barbados putting together a solid performance through the rounds to make it all the way to the semi finals.

While she fell short of what she needed to advance on into the Finals in a tight battle with the eventual Champion Izzi Gomez, she did overcome her great friend and roommate, Shakira Westdorp in the Consolation Finals to finish in 3rd overall for the event.

One thing is for sure: Iballa has clearly shown that she is a serious threat on Tour, and will be even more dangerous once back on her home turf next month in Gran Canaria.

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Shakira Westdorp continues her consistent streak, keeping herself in the mix and finishing in 4th at the Barbados Pro

Shakira Westdorp earns the ‘warrior of the week’ award, as she powered through the Barbados Pro in pain, suffering from an injury, but still managing to make it through to the Semi Finals with a solid display of bravado and talent.

While she wasnt surfing to her full potential, she still stepped up to the plate in her battle with Vania Torres in the semi finals, and then again in the consolation finals against good friend Iballa Moreno to finish in 4th overall for the event.

After this 3rd stop of the APP World Tour in 2019, Shakira is currently sitting in 3rd place overall and has shown her to be not only one of the front runners, but one of the most consistent athletes on Tour.

Watch out for Shakira in the Finals next month in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as she will doubtless be one to watch out for as we wrap what has been a spectacular year on the APP World Tour at the Gran Canaria Pro-Am, from the 10th – 19th December.

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A big thank you to the incredible island of Barbados, the close knit community of Bathsheba and all our partners of the Barbados Pro

As we come to the end of an incredible week here in Barbados filled with spectacular action, dramatic competition and unparalleled ‘good vibes’, the APP would like to thank the incredible people of Barbados and the Community of Bathsheba for welcoming us so wholeheartedly to their magical home.

Outside of the World Class waves and stunning surroundings that never cease to amaze, the experiences that the APP World Tour athletes were able to share this week in Barbados are unmatched. Barbados has been an instant hit, and has fast become a favorite stop on the APP World Tour after just one edition.

A big thank you to the BTMI / @visitbarbados for their support of this inaugural edition of the Barbados Pro, and to Sea2see eyewear for their patronage of the event and the Tour. We can’t wait to come back in 2020!

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