Ernest (EJ) Johnson


Name:Ernest (EJ) Johnson
N. American
YOLO Board / Kreed Eyewear/ On it Pro/ H20 Overdrive/Curtis fins/ Honolua clothing/Watermans sunscreen/Sambazon/ 2XU.

How many years do you stand up paddle and how come you started it?
6years, and started on a plastic windsurfer with a short cheap ass paddle.

Favorite Board;
14′ YOLO – Prowler

How difficult was it to become a Pro racer?
It took dedication and attending all events, to be even considered to become pro! I am very grateful and honored to have been a Starboard dream team member for two years! Many thanks to Margareta and Svein.

What are the benefits of racing?
Being surrounded by the best competition, and racing against yourself!

What was your best result this year?
2nd place 14′ Catalina Challege relay with Bart De Zwart.

What competitions and events are you looking to attend next year?
I enjoy my grass roots local events actually, but would love to compete in Greece.

What was your best day on a SUP?

You travel the world for SUP. Which place do you like most?
I really enjoyed Hamburg, Germany, but I would have to say so far, it would have to be the British Virgin Islands.

Would you like to share with us your training plan?
Paddle hard, eat right and drink lots of beer.

You create custom wood paddles, the Johnson Big Stick Paddles. Do you prefer wood to carbon;
Yes, I’m making custom hybrid wooden paddles. They have the beauty of wood but also the strength of carbon fibre,Venice there are carbon fibre sleeves in between the wood. As result the paddle has a better flex and response at the end of each paddle. The feeling of wood is much better compared to a black material which is lifeless

Do you know anything about Greece? Would you like to SUP on our seas?
I only know that it has to be one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, and would love any chance to come there.

Thank you very much Ej.
Best regards

Facebook: Ernest Johnson